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Robert McWhirter

We created NHS Geni to improve organisational efficiency

NHS Geni

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NHS Geni is a performance management application that tracks the progression of new employees within the NHS graduate management programme. Combined with social functions, it acts as a collaboration hub for managers and trainees to connect.

Throughout the planning and design phases, our user workshops gave us insight into how staff engaged with existing applications. This information ensured we were able to make informed design decisions about NHS Geni moving forward. Our agile approach to application development allowed us to test it at regular intervals with real users allowing us to really get to know the users and what they needed from the application.

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The NHS Geni application was designed and built to improve organisational efficiency, it’s been in place since 2012 and has grown to facilitate a range of new functionality in line with its popularity. It’s now become an integral part of the trainee management programme.

Geni was our solution to the NHS’ vision of an application that was capable of managing multiple data channels and presenting that data in a clear and concise way.

Rob Farace, NHS Leadership Academy said:

“76% of our graduate managers engage with Geni on a daily basis, it’s proven to be a great tool for tracking progress and managing the graduates.”

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