Businesses are changing

Staying competitive in a world of rapidly changing markets, digital culture, and business practices is increasingly challenging.

Digital transformation has risen as an approach to countering this threat, allowing organisations to discover new competencies, deliver enhanced value to customers and up-end the status quo by applying digital solutions to traditional problems.

Two people stick feature ideas to a wall as part of a research exercise
Digital transformation aims to help businesses solve problems and unlock value.

We’re one step ahead of these challenges thanks to our expertise in offering digital transformation consultancy and web development services to create bespoke, user-focused web applications that improve workplaces.

Our methodology follows three principles:

We administer this in practice by:

  • Providing a digital-first approach to business leadership; our background is in digital development first and foremost.
  • Employing highly experienced practitioners that can rapidly deploy highly scalable digital transformation projects that positively disrupt, while respecting the boundaries of the broader business structure.
  • Constantly reviewing progress against clearly defined success criteria.
A group of people take part in a insight application workshop in our London office
A developer codes a web application on a laptop as part of a digital transformation project
A person brainstorms digital transformation ideas on a whiteboard


For over a decade, Browser London has helped global brands by creating bespoke web apps that make staff more productive, comfortable, and happy.


Founded in 2008 by brothers René and Julian, Browser London was built upon the belief that design and technology are synonymous with one another. It’s not just how it looks, it’s how it works and feels to use – and rightly so. Creating a successful web application means getting the aesthetics and user experience right, as well as picking the correct technology to underpin the app.

Rene and Julian, founders of Browser London, sit and smile at the camera
Brothers René and Julian at our Shoreditch office.

We pass on the knowledge we’ve gained in creating our own web apps, such as Twine, back into our client’s projects, adding extra value and giving our clients a competitive advantage.

René Morency Managing Director


With fifteen years’ in the technology industry, Managing Director René focuses on the strategic direction and development of the business. He also facilitates workshops, providing business strategy, design, and technology insight during the research and analysis ‘discovery phase’.

Rene Morency speaking about working at Browser London
With a strong background in the business of design and technology, René offers invaluable insight across our customer's projects.

As Strategy Director, John’s core value lies in providing innovative commercial insight. John has an exceptional ability to bridge the gap between business and technology, helping customers understand research data and helping show where gains can be made with a strategic approach to using technology.

John works with sticky notes on a wall as part of a digital transformation project in our Shoreditch office
John leads the early engagement process, helping customers to define their core business and user requirements.

With a wealth of commercial experience gained in enterprise-level software development and compliance and risk management, Technology Director James provides technical guidance and direction to our customer’s projects. He also leads the operational, security and infrastructure management of the business.

James helps develop a technical digital transformation solution with a team member
James excels in explaining complex technical solutions in a straightforward manner.

The Browser approach breaks digital transformation down into three service areas, with each stage providing its own deliverables and outcomes. During a full program, clients will learn about their users, be part of the design and development process and work with us as partners to continuously improve any delivered web app or platform.

These three service areas can be taken together as a full project, or cherry-picked, depending on your own business needs.

The three service areas we specialise in are:

A developer codes a web application on a laptop as part of a digital transformation project
Our approach breaks digital transformation down into three, easily digestible stages.

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