A design-led approach

We believe that design-led thinking is the key to making great applications; it’s not just how it looks, it’s how it works and how it feels to use. This belief shapes our approach to the web apps and platforms that we create.

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Discussion and collaboration are an important part of our approach.
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Working within our team

We’re a friendly team of technology experts based in Shoreditch who specialise in making web applications for the workplace. We’ve found that people work better in small focused teams, where designers can work directly with developers, strategists can work directly with project managers, and customers get to talk to the entire team. If you want to, you’ll be involved at every stage of a project; from research right through to delivery.

Your development

As a digital development agency, we understand that keeping abreast of new technologies, platforms and tools can be challenging. That’s why we run fortnightly show and tell sessions where team members can share knowledge, present a piece of work they have completed or talk on any topic that they find interesting.

Additionally, we run our JAMS sessions every six months. These are practical, two-day, off-site events where team members pitch small, hackable ideas, gather feedback and then either go it alone or collaborate in small teams to create something. The purpose of JAMS is to allow team members the opportunity to experiment and expand their capabilities and skills. We run the sessions with our friends from Twine; here’s a roundup of what we created at our winter 2018 JAMS hackathon.

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Peaceful working

We’re based in an open plan office in the heart of Shoreditch, but we appreciate that when you’re busy, peace and quiet can really make a difference. That’s why we take a relaxed approach to working from home, or away from your desk in one of the numerous quiet areas in our building.

Project variety

We’ll ensure you get good exposure to a wide variety of web applications in established sectors such as security and intelligence, through to startups in the pharmaceutical sector. Our team structure means that everyone has a line manager that you can refer up to should you need advice and help.


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We’re always on the lookout for talented people to help us create great web applications. So if you like what you’re reading and think that you might like to work with us, feel free to contact us on hello@browsergroup.com.

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