Partnering with a security and risk consultancy, Browser developed an in-house solution for analysts and project managers to securely exchange data, documents and reports with clients.

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One of the prime challenges was balancing an engaging user experience against user access security.

The brief

The security and risk industry relies on the exchange of high-level reports between analysts and clients. Browser was challenged with moving this exchange out of emails and onto a secure, owned platform – rebuilding our client’s offering.

By truly understanding and defining the user objectives at the start of the project, we were able to set about creating the foundations for designing an effective solution to the problems the client faced.

James Blizzard Technical director

The Approach

To deliver a solution for professionals, we had to understand their current workflow fully. We led a series of interviews, workshops, and surveys with three user groups: customers, analysts and project managers. We found that these users had three key jobs they wanted to do: launch projects, store documents and visualize project data. These would be the basis of our features.

Through a series of workshops, our discovery phase helps paint a true picture of the requirements.

We also found that users were concerned with the drive for increased security: to them, this sounded like more work when trying to retrieve simple information. As a result, we went through multiple phases of prototyping to ensure we were designing an experience that users felt confident using.

As technology advances, so do the threats. Safeguarding data relies on both highly skilled technical architecture, and human intervention. This can only be maintained by ongoing security training – something that we identified as being key to maintaining the continued success of this application.

John Beck Strategy director
Humans have moved ahead of machines as the top target for hackers, we used two-step authentication to mitigate against that risk.

The solution

Portal was designed around three core features: Analysis, Projects and Collaborations. These apps were designed to balance security, functionality and user experience, in a way that helped the professionals using the platform share high-level content, manage projects and get work done.

Every project in portal has its own Reports feed, automatically pulling news and updates from around the world related to that project. This feature is integrated with TextRazor’s natural language processing to automatically analyse and dismiss non-relevant articles.

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portal invoice feature

The user interface was designed to make secure communication seamless. Within Projects, users can pack messages, documents and reports into an encrypted dossier with a few clicks. Designated recipients decrypt these using Google Authenticator.


The results

At the end of the project, we had built a completely new way of working, with security at the forefront – all without compromising usability. The end result not only provided the client with a secure portal, but gave them:

  • An evolving product that can accommodate new features
  • A new line of business – providing technology services to their clients
  • A position as market leader within their sector
Portal Analysis application

Portal is a private network application designed and built for one customer to provide them with a secure way of sharing and processing report data across multiple locations. If you would like to chat about a similar application for your organisation please contact our Strategy director John Beck.

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