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We help Casual Films expand into North America

Our continued partnership with Casual Films takes another leap forward with the launch of their North American web presence. In response to a fast-growing North American market and the success of Casual Films in this area, we were tasked with creating a responsive, lightweight web solution that focuses on filtrating relevant content for the localised markets across multiple channels. The North American presence will complement a recently redesigned European web presence that showcases film and video for names such as Vodafone, Red Bull and Allianz.

Barnaby Cook, North American Managing Director at Casual Films said:

“The launch of our North American web presence will allow us to publicise the fantastic work we do in the films sector, expanding our presence in a fast-growing market. We’re very happy that our partnership with Browser continues to grow; the team’s experience in designing and producing digital products really shines through in their work.”

If you are interested in strategic partnerships programmes, please contact John Beck on (+44)20 3355 6891 ext 6005.


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