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Preact Technology

Interface design for the pioneers in AI-enabled smart camera technology

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In early 2023, PreAct Technologies, a smart camera technology and hardware business rooted in 15 years of DARPA-funded research, acquired a popular consumer-facing AI development and creation software platform, positioning themselves as leaders in AI-enabled smart camera technology. As industry leaders in developing software-definable flash LiDAR sensors for security, defence, and other primary industries, this acquisition enabled them to reach new markets, including the general public, with their innovative technology. Tapping into this market necessitated a revamped strategy; both the hardware and software had to be accessible to a wider audience, with a specific focus on ease of adoption and operation.

voting workshop discovery
Mapping user journeys within discovery

New market expansion

Leveraging the existing user and market research, we initiated a strategic collaboration by hosting and contributing to the development of a refined product strategy. This process involved identifying success criteria for each target persona and meticulously charting their user journeys. Our focus was on refining and emphasising crucial touch points within a modernised user experience that would harmoniously blend innovation with simplicity. This strategy was tailored to seamlessly integrate across two forthcoming platforms: the e-commerce platform, designed for users to easily browse and purchase products, and the software creator and configuration dashboard. The latter empowers users to customise and program the AI, enabling their cameras to intelligently recognise objects and actions. This dual-platform approach ensures a cohesive and intuitive experience for all users, bridging the gap between advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces.

Brand and design modernisation

PreAct Technologies already had an established brand, but to reach a broader consumer market, it needed a refresh. Browser undertook a light-touch modernisation of their existing brand elements, making subtle yet impactful changes to elevate the overall look and feel.

brand development discovery
Brand development and design system creation

To cater to both tech-savvy early adopters and the wider consumer market, the design system needed to strike a balance between cutting-edge innovation and intuitive simplicity. Browser crafted a sleek, modern aesthetic that would appeal to tech enthusiasts who appreciate the latest advancements. Simultaneously, the team ensured that the interface was accessible, responsive, and intuitive, allowing a large majority of everyday users to easily navigate and utilise the eCommerce platform and Dashboard features. By adhering to best practices like clear naming conventions and robust version control, Browser laid the foundation for a scalable design system that could seamlessly integrate with PreAct’s engineering team’s development processes.

eCommerce and creator dashboard


As part of our comprehensive UX design process of the e-commerce platform, we integrated features into the checkout flow, such as the ability to buy hardware and software separately. This feature allows consumers to buy multiple hardware devices while enabling them to purchase one software instance that could be programmed to control all their hardware devices. This strategic choice aimed to showcase an understanding of the consumer market while highlighting the key features of their AI-powered camera system at a critical moment in the customer’s decision-making process.

wireframe discovery
Wireframing the eCommerce user journeys

The eCommerce platform featured visually striking mockup screens that demonstrated the sleek, modern interface of PreAct’s software platform, accompanied by a concise yet persuasive narrative. By providing a compelling overview of the product’s capabilities and potential applications, Browser sought to reinforce PreAct’s brand message, instil confidence in potential buyers, and ultimately drive conversions.

ecommerce interface
eCommerce user interface design and development

The Creator dashboard

The dashboard served as the central hub for users to harness the full potential of PreAct’s AI creation and configuration system. Upon acquiring the software, users gained access to the “Creator” configuration dashboard; this is where they could develop and upload custom source code to their cameras.

Interface design
Fluid interface design for the creator dashboard

Importantly, we also developed and designed the ability for users to engage with an in-built generative AI module that, using descriptive prompts, could generate the source code based on the desired camera learning requirements. This was a critical element within the user experience as it offered a multi-layer approach to experimenting and developing the hardware use.

Interface design AI
Generative AI integration helps user write the machine learning code

In addition to this, we architected and designed an intuitive onboarding flow to guide users through the initial setup process, ensuring they could quickly start leveraging the dashboard’s powerful features to create intelligent vision solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Interface design
Hardware configuration and management in the creator dashboard
Interface design camera
Camera configuration within the creator dashboard

Assisting the development team

The final part of the puzzle was to ensure that everything was delivered in line with the strategy. This included implementing a robust version control procedure within the Figma and prototype files, accompanied by the design team facilitating a smooth handoff process, ensuring that the engineering team could efficiently incorporate the designs into the development workflow. Regular leadership meetings and frequent progress check-ins allowed everyone to keep the project on track and within scope, while meticulous risk assessment helped identify and mitigate potential challenges. As always, we fostered open communication and knowledge sharing between the design and engineering teams, creating a collaborative environment that enabled the successful realisation of PreAct’s vision for a consumer-friendly, AI-powered camera system.