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Paul Tyson

The new look Browser London

Browser London logo on green

As Browser London moves into its teenage years it feels like the right time to reevaluate the look and ethos of our company.

We feel like a different, more confident group than we did five years ago when we last revised our branding. With a wider range of clients, a tighter scope of work, a move to a hybrid working model and the opening of our new Barcelona office, our brand needed redefining and sharpening to better reflect our growth over the last half-decade.

The outcome of this process is the new visual style and website that you see before you. We’ve evolved away from the primary colours that dominated our previous site in favour of a more mature palate, and introduced more images of our team at work to better illustrate what we do.

Our Services pages have also expanded to better demonstrate the skills and expertise we can offer clients. Our brand new Microsoft Power Platform development services are now highlighted, along with the specialist UX design and product strategy teams that we’ve carefully built over the past 24 months.

Alongside revising our brand visuals, we’ve been thinking about what the Browser London brand means to our clients. To that end, we’ve codified three touchstones that we feel best encapsulate what it’s like to work with Browser – call them our promises to all our current and future clients.

At Browser we aim to be straight-talking, inquisitive and positive.

Unintelligible tech speak doesn’t help anyone solve anything, so we communicate plainly about our work in words and terms that anyone can understand. On top of that, we believe we can only make great products if we really get to know our clients and their business through careful, analytical research.

Lastly, as fessed-up technophiles, we’re always optimistic about the ways that technology can solve today’s problems. We approach projects with a constructive mindset that allows us to see solutions where others may not.

We’re all excited to reveal the new look Browser to the world. Here’s to the next five years!