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Launching 41 global websites for the world’s fastest growing media agency

Working in collaboration with digital agency WPP agency H-Art – Browser were responsible for tackling the technical challenges of the build and scoping the infrastructure that allowed Maxus‘ 41 separate websites to be rolled out simultaneously – based on a single design and code structure.

Each of the 41 websites caters for the localised market with content specific to each country, however, each website utilises content from a central repository which can also be customised as required – this allows each office to cross-pollinate the latest news and insights across the global network. The result gives regional offices enough control over what content is on their website, whilst keeping a consistent brand and structure throughout the group.

“Enabling 41 different versions of the same site, technically, was a big challenge. By developing upon a flexible CMS, we were able to afford content authors the flexibility to build engaging, bespoke case studies that can be broadcasted to regions within the Maxus Global network. We used a best of breed, scalable infrastructure in order to deliver excellent performance on a global scale.”

Josh, Product lead at Browser

maxus global website websites

“Visually rich page design, bold messaging and dynamic use of image content all were key elements in designing a responsive website that could work on a global scale.

Design and Technology company H-Art were tasked with designing the new Maxus web site; and through the implementation of a distinctive design went about creating an accessible, enjoyable, and negotiable website which truly allowed localised content creators a polished platform from which to communicate from.

The resulting design offers an appropriate and persistent solution for each of the 41 individual websites, enabling local identity to be celebrated; uniting each country’s uniqueness with the brand’s universal value proposition.”

Robert, Group UX Director at H-Art.

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maxus global website websites