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Robert McWhirter

ConnectRight website and intranet now launched.

Browser London, the Environment Agency and Water UK have launched the new website for ConnectRight, a campaign from the National Misconnections Strategy Group aiming to reduce water pollution caused by misconnected drains and sewers.

The main focus of the site is to raise awareness of misconnections and to educate the environmental problems they cause. Simple illustrations and imagery help property owners to check their drainage connections and, as a fully responsive site, users can access the information on their mobile devices. Keeping the site clutter-free ensures that users can easily access the information required to understand the problem and how to take action.  

Connect right screen grab shown on mac

The ConnectRight partners are using Browser’s mobile-friendly intranet Allsort to share information on the campaign across their organisations.

Ian Myers, Technical Advisor for the Misconnections Campaign explains why the site is so important:

Misconnected drainage is a serious problem affecting the water quality of our rivers and beaches in almost all urban areas of the UK.  We estimate that there may be up to half a million properties with misconnected drainage so we need to raise awareness about the problem with both the public and professionals. Preventing misconnections saves money because investigating and identifying them in drainage systems is extremely expensive.

The National Misconnections Strategy Group is a partnership between the Environment Agency, Water UK, the UK’s water companies, Consumer Council for Water, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering.