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Julian Morency

Interview: Michele Bona – Browser’s New Junior Designer.

Michele Bona

We sat down to catch up with the newest member of the Browser London team.

Hey Michele, firstly tell us a bit about you.

I’m Michele and I’m a digital designer at Browser, when I finished university two years ago in Venice I decided I needed to see more of the world so I started with London and haven’t looked back since. I worked for a year as a freelancer and met some great people but decided that I wanted to work within an integrated digital agency – which is why I arrived at Browser.

How long have you been at Browser and what’s your job role?

I started a couple of months ago and I’m currently working as Digital Designer – It’s been great so far.

What, where and when did you study?

Well…that sounds like a long time ago. After finishing at high school I went to the Institute of Art in Venice (class 2004), which was quite an unconventional route for most teenagers in Venice. I spent five years studying graphic design and art, then moved to university in 2004 choosing Business Management and specialising in brand and marketing strategies. A month following my graduation ceremony, I find myself in Venice airport with luggage in one hand and a one-way ticket to London in the other – It’s been fun so far.

How does working and living in London compare to Italy?

The first word that comes up in my mind about London is: “Expensive!”, but beside conventional jokes and persistent bad weather, I seriously think that there’s a lot more on offer here for a young graduate to grow a great career. Even if the competition is still very tough, if you wake up and pay attention for sure something will come into your path, and it did – you’ve just got to remember that people are watching you.

Who is your Inspiration?

I think generally the best people might inspire you – professionally – are always the best workers in that field. I love facing new challenges and if you wish become “one of the best” you will roll up your sleeves and be prepared to fail many times. There’s better person to prove that you’re doing your best, except yourself.

Why Browser?

Browser is a spark, a creative and young company. Since the first day, I have been involved in many different projects, meetings and immediately I felt a part of the family. They believe in my skills and me as a person and are investing time in training me properly, I’m sure this is something every designer would want to find and I’m not just saying that because of this interview 🙂

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I guess all things that a typical 26 year old guy does – have fun with friends, drink beers and so on. I always like to be up to date on art exhibitions, music concerts and maybe catching fresh inspiration for new projects.

What are your aspirations?

Here we are! That’s the typical interview question. I would say: “Just be happy”. There is no point in working so hard without getting to enjoy life. That doesn’t mean you have to settle down. It’s always good to work hard, improve yourself and step up – it works for me!

Stay tuned to see some of Michele’s work coming out of the Browser London office soon!