Transmitting sensitive information securely to colleagues, customers and suppliers is vital for many organisations, so why are so many of us still doing it over email? A secure document portal is a far more secure and flexible solution and has the potential to be customised to the needs of your market and customers. We work with companies to re-evaluate how they share, collaborate and authorise documents, allowing them to transform their businesses and discover new efficiencies and new sources of revenue.

A researcher maps out user journeys on a whiteboard as part of a UX exercise
A detailed research phase helps us ensure the platform is simple and intuitive to use

Leaving the inbox behind

Email has always been the go-to platform for sharing information externally, but with its lack of high-level security measures, there’s a risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands, either through a malicious attack or user error.

Furthermore, email file size limits often push staff to use consumer grade, off-the-shelf file sharing systems like Box, Dropbox or WeTransfer for the ad-hoc sharing of documents and files. These serve a purpose, but lack the collaboration features, group level data analytics, security features and workflow shaping options of an enterprise document portal.

Document portal file upload example
An invite users example from within a document portal
Invoice feature example from within a custom web app

Developing a better way to manage data

We’re specialists in designing and developing bespoke secure document portals for demanding enterprise clients.

Our most recent project entailed developing a security-led document portal for a business consultancy which allowed documents and information to be shared quickly and securely, both inside and outside the company. Built-in features include a full document audit trail, and a live detection system that detects any security breach or interception immediately. The system improved operational efficiency for the organization and allowed them to develop a new revenue stream of providing technology services to their clients.

Prior to that, we worked with Mondottica – a global distributor of eyewear brands – to create a bespoke, web-based document portal. The permissions based portal streamlined the process of distributing marketing documents to thousands of opticians, each of which is able to log into the system and access only the marketing materials for the models that they sell.

Example screen grab of document portal analytics module
A company-wide sharing platform can help managers see how information moves around their company and make business changes based on this data

Whatever the project, we approach the design and development of a new piece of software with the same three principles in mind.

  • It has to be secure (to protect the information at both ends of the transit)
  • It has to be easy to use (employees and customers want a hassle-free experience)
  • It has to integrate with existing workflows (and make lives easier)

For a deeper look at how we research, design, develop and continuously improve a bespoke document portal, click through to our case study using the links below.

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