Discovery and Research

Time required: Two to six weeks

Our Discovery and Research services help organisations define exactly what they want to achieve and why. Using a range of research methods, we establish the criteria for the success of your product.

What is it?

It’s a research, analysis and consultancy phase that defines what the project aims to achieve, the priorities, the deliverables, a timescale and budget, and most importantly, a shared vision of how we will do it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 14.43.43Research covers many aspects, including analysing current workflows and applications

What might it include?

We use our workshops and research gathering tools to gather and analyse data. Once reviewed we present our findings over a series of weekly reviews. The information gained helps everyone make informed decisions if we decide to initiate high-level wireframing or prototyping. Components within this phase may include:


What’s the outcome?

The deliverable from this phase is a blueprint report document that provides direction on how the product will function, how it will look, how long it will take to deliver, how much it will cost – and essentially a shared vision of how we will do it. The phase closes with a stakeholder presentation that marks the start of the next phase – design and development.

discovery phase workshopCollaborative development with discussion and review ensures all options are explored