One Web

What is One-Web?

One-Web is the philosophy that recognises how the modern Web is accessed from multiple devices, big and small. We use responsive web design (RWD) to produce websites that work on everything from shiny new smartphones to trusty old desktops.

RWD is based on fluid proportion-based grids, put simply: a single website can reshape itself to suit the device viewing it. The One-Web approach offers the best possible experience for each user, is easier to maintain and is a much more cost effective solution than building multiple website iterations.

The start of the process is rooted firmly in content strategy and research into target audiences. With this knowledge we can make informed decisions about layout, elements and functionality, and how they both best fit into a website at different sizes. When aspects of the device or browser change, like screen size, we know what to prioritise — which is great for the user and for your business!

We always build with One-Web standards to ensure that devices past, present, and future can view our websites in all their glory. Not only does the One-Web philosophy maximise a website’s audience, it also delivers a tailor made experience. One that also conforms to accessibility guidelines.

For a desmonstation, try resizing this window, our site is built to our responsive One Web standards too!